Professional Manufacturing Facility

China’s first fully-automatic production line of alkaline battery rolled into operation in 1990 in NANFU. Nowadays NANFU has been equipped with the advanced fully-automatic production lines in flawlessly compatible layout and cost-effective manner.

Profound Branding Experience

NANFU pioneers and concentrates on alkaline battery segment from its first battery product, leading the growth of the category. NANFU is implementing the multiple brand strategy, being the leading brand in the entire household battery category.

Sustainable Innovation

NANFU nurtures the largest advanced R&D center in China, works with key national universities and institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish a number of new energy-research centers.

Our journey of breakthroughs over the decades

1954 Fuzhou Battery founded
1988 NANFU founded, NANFU brand firstly introduced
1997 Ranked as the No.1 alkaline battery brand in China
2001 Epoch-making technology, Super Ring implemented
2015 Revolutionary lithium rechargeable AA 1.5V battery invented, TENAVOLTS registered
2020 Innovative world’s first IOT battery launched globally, NECTIUM registered

• China’s first fully automatic alkaline battery production line
• China’s first mercury-free alkaline battery
• China’s first battery steel cylinder
• China’s first primary lithium-iron battery
• China’s first sealing patent “Super Ring”
• China’s first gas stove battery “Richbleu”
• World’s first constant voltage lithium rechargeable AA battery
• World’s first battery specific for IOT devices

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